A successful company begins with professional staff that generates positive results. We believe that our team is the most experienced and dedicated. Our company is always open to new members who will endorse our ideas, values, share their ambitions and concepts, and find new horizons. We search for skilled practitioners, people who are not afraid of various professional challenges and difficulties.

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Whom do we search for?

Our company has a range of core values that should be shared by new employees. We do not require anything special – if you are an expert, you will answer the description of the member of our team beyond a shadow of a doubt:

  • Show your expertness
  • Be responsible
  • Strive to self-perfection.

We detect positive changes on time. That is why all the employees that demonstrate their desire for self-development, improve their professional skills, and work hard, can count on career progression. Our company encourages personal development through business trips abroad and the rise of wages. If you are ready to show your intellectual abilities, determination and resolve, optimism on international business projects, welcome to our team!

5 steps to become the expert of our company

Each job candidate passes the multistep “New Employee Intake” procedure:

  1. CV assortment. Our HR-managers sort our applicants’ CVs to find the most qualified ones among numerous willing job-seekers.
  2. If your CV is drawn up well and provokes our interest, we will suggest you pass the online test.
  3. Having checked your test results, our managers will invite you to pass an interview. This stage is critical for all job candidates. If the applicant demonstrates his perfect training level, he gets a job in our company.
  4. The probation period starts and lasts for 1-3 months. Everything depends on the new team members’ results.
  5. When the new-hire trial comes to an end, the new employee gets a status of EXPERT.

Advantages of our careers

  1. We support our employees in any respect. Our company values professionals and provides them with the best arrangements for self-development. You will get the feel of thinking out of the box and become the real expert in your sphere of activity. All achievements are encouraged by smart salaries. The most active and proactive team members get extra bonuses for their hard work.
  2. Our staff gets fare-the-well for professional advancement. If you come in full force, you can achieve great success. For example, every second TOP-manager of our company started in a way of the average executive – a sales manager.
  3. Additionally, we launch initiatives, provide employees with team-building opportunities and corporate celebrations twice a year, stimulate their physical activities. Most of our workers are fond of the gym, dancing, and other interesting hobbies. We are in favor of self-enhancement and a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Our thirst for greater things is passed on our staff. We cooperate with international suppliers, manufactures, trusted partners. Our company is on-trend and all our employees are fashionably dressed, innovation-oriented, smart people. Join the team of leaders and self-starters!