Air freight from China


Ordering goods from China is a very good idea. But when you have already picked sides with materials, bulk cargo and other Chinese goods reasonably priced, the question comes up: “How to deliver freight fast and damage-free?” We recommend addressing our experienced specialists. Our company provides in-time logistics services worldwide.

We offer direct delivery of goods from China by air. Air freight is the best way to transport cargo quickly and safely. In comparison with other types of carriage, Asian-based goods will be delivered in several days. We aim to release you from care about logistics tasks. Count on our professional approach and get your orders in 1-2 days to any American location.

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Meet all the advantages of air freight

Most customers would like to experience the first-class delivery of goods. Corporate clients and individuals purchase wares reasonably priced that are necessary for their business or domestic life. That is why the high-grade delivery speed is one of the most necessary demands our air freight meets in full scope. Besides the quick transportation of ordered cargo, there are three other advantages to take into account. You will experience each of the strong points with our company:

  • Global reach – customers can specify almost any point of delivery. Air freight is the available service worldwide.
  • In-time delivery – shipping dates are extremely accurate with air freight. If deadlines are necessary for you, it is better to count on the transportation of goods by air.
  • Cargo tracking – customers can check up their order movement with the help of online trackers. Air freight makes online tracking possible for clients.
  • Short transit periods – consumers can be sure that their goods will not be spoilt. The less time is spent on delivery, the fewer are costs and risks.

Available and unavailable China - based goods to ship

Air freight we provide is a pledge of risk-free transportation of your cargo. We make a specialty out of shipping various production items from China by air. Among the most popular commodity classes are:

  • Clothes
  • Footwear
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Construction materials
  • Etc

Note that there is a list of forbidden goods that are not required for transportation on board airplanes. Our company has strong views on the transportation safe aspect. That is why we are against:

  • Accumulators shipping batteries
  • Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Flammable substances from China.

Peculiarities of air freight

We aim to provide our clients with logistics services of an exceptional level:

  1. Air freight is one of the most popular types of goods delivery.
  2. Our task is to satisfy your needs in full
  3. Our services have fixed costs.
  4. If a client is ready to make an order, the special agreement is signed.
  5. All possible variants are discussed. The most appropriate type of transportation is chosen. It is one more way to provide you risk-free logistics solutions.

Additionally, our company provides actual information about cargo movements. Each consumer has a personal manager who is responsible for the freshest data related to air freight. We use online tracking systems to watch for parcels and other production items onboard airplanes that take off in China. We guarantee that deadlines will not be missed because of some unknown force-major. Our team wants to solve problems and questions on the logistics issues but not cause new difficulties. Count on our transportation and consulting services. Air freight shipping from China can be an easy-going task with us.

Why particular us?

We are a dedicated team that knows everything about international economic activities, global markets, modern logistics and supply chains. Our competent staff can support you with a few possible variants for shipping goods. It will be easy to choose the most appropriate one. You can use the online form right now to know the most frequently asked questions:

  1. Get a quote of the air freight services from China to the USA.
  2. What is a weight restriction for air freight?
  3. Is it possible to order only a direct delivery?
  4. Is multimodal shipping by air available?

We cooperate with each client in the same way. It doesn't matter – either you are a representative of the leading retail company or a director of a small private enterprise. Both corporate consumers and individuals even-safe possibilities for cooperation. The agreement assignment is a must for each of our clients. We are for answer ableness and discipline. For our part, everything will be according to the terms and conditions specified in the document.

The obligatory freight insurance is one more safety measure you can count for. Our expert will escort the cargo, control its integrity during the loading procedure. Property damage or loss is almost impossible. However, if some unpleasant situation happens, the 100% compensation is paid. We are ready to become your reliable assistant and stable problem-solver when it comes to international logistics.