Ocean Freight

Our company makes a specialty out of international goods delivery. We can organize sea and ocean shipping. According to statistics, this mode of cargo delivery is the most popular among importers and exporters worldwide. We recognize all the peculiarities of ocean and sea freight proceeding. It helps us to become a reliable provider of international logistics solutions for corporate clients and individuals. Our company is equipped with advanced technologies that are necessary for well-timed safe transportation services.

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Our services

Cargo is loaded into containers of different types. According to the size and transportation characteristics of the container together with the specified destination, our services are divided into three groups:

  • Ocean freight from China with a less than container load.
  • Ocean freight from China with a full container load.
  • Sea freight from the USA – both LCL and FCL are available

We aim to meet consumers’ container needs. That is why the range of our services includes various container shipping solutions. Our network of ocean and sea transport resources is stretched across the world. Container services are suitable for large consignment delivery. We will make this process risk-free for you, having undertaken responsibilities for documentation, safe shipping proceeding, and other needful formalities.

Sea freight from the USA

Clients from the United States can count on our logistics assistance when it comes to local sea freight. Our services include a market-specific approach and in-time goods delivery. We provide overseas transportation of cargo to any American-based location. Your goods will be delivered to the specified destination according to regulatory conditions. Documentation is handled by our company as well.


We have an in-depth knowledge of specific trades. Our specialists provide professional consulting related cargo transition from the USA by sea. Any necessary customs procedures are included. We will not miss any detail or factor that affects the quality of sea freight delivery. Contact our managers to make an order.

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Ocean freight from China

We have a large fleet of cargo transporters for shipping goods from China. You can count on our container-transport system in full. Our specialists will choose the most appropriate way of shipping that suits your demands. According to seize, weight, and other parameters of your goods, one of the available container carriage is selected.


The organization of the ocean shipment process is our business. We have expertise in international logistics and are well-versed in peculiarities of document preparation. Our company does all needful paperwork preliminary to avoid the detention of cargo. There is a standing algorithm for safe container shipping from China. Delivery process structuring includes three main stages to take into consideration:

  1. Cargo preparation and completion of export customs clearance procedures.

    This stage is notable with the loading of cargo, outbound customs clearance, and expedition of goods. Loading and unloading operations are also included. Representatives of our company control package integrity to make sure that cargo is not damaged while handling the container.

  2. Vessel chartering.

    Note that pricing can vary. The final cost of the charter of the ship depends on:

    1. Loading and drop-off port location;
    2. A range of services;
    3. Season of shipping;

    4. Container weight
    5. Cargo parameters;
    6. Etc.

  3. Delivery of cargo to American-based terminal and customs clearance.

    Our staff will handle loading and unloading operations, cargo expedition, and customs processing. It means that all aspects of ocean freight from China are taken into account. Customers do not need to gather documents and take part in the shipping process.

Why particular us?

Our experience and expertise allow us to provide shipping services tailored to clients’ needs. We aim to build a long-term partnership and meet your requirements. The range of our services includes both ocean and overseas logistics solutions. We have well-thought business arrangements that are suitable both for individuals and corporate clients. You will get detailed information on the container price calculation, term of delivery, movement of the load, etc


All formalities that are necessary for in-time sea and ocean freight is our task that we perform successfully. Such an important stage of shipping as customs clearance is also our business. If you are searching for a reliable partner for large consignment regular transportation, we are ready to assist you. Our company signs an agreement with each client to show our responsible approach and result-orientedness. We are ready to provide you with the best transit time, risk-free delivery of goods, export documentation, and cost-effectiveness.